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It’s a Big World, After All

And get ready to hit the road with me and Eugene! Being in a multi-cultural, international relationship means really getting those airline miles, but we’ve also managed to find trains, boats, and taxicabs as well. On deck soon: a road trip up the California coast (since the rest of the state has basically been on […]

For Jim

I’ve never spoken about this publicly, and the words are a little difficult to find, but I believe it’s a story worth telling.

Lifelong Violinist: Getting Overwhelmed During Practice

Happy New Year, everybody!! For those of you who don’t know, I started blogging on a WordPress site called TurlockViolin. This beauty was built by Eugene waaaaaayyyyyy back when (4+ years ago), and I sort of let it go for a while, waiting for inspiration. I’m so pleased to announce the return of this blog, […]