4 Tips for Working From Home

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Yesterday I wrote about how amazing it is to have a job which allows my “office” to be wherever my fanny finds a computer. You know what? It’s still awesome.

Working from home–even a temporary home–is miraculous! It can, however, be a little bit of a challenge to stay in balance. I’m sure you’d agree that anyone who got an opportunity like this should likely be interested in protecting the many benefits by making sure to stay in balance. Here are some of my tips for keeping your health and wellness while working from home:

    There are so many studies about the dangers of sitting for too long. It’s important to stretch, stretch deeply, stretch often. I don’t see any danger of overdoing this.
    Yes, making changes to the schedule keeps the brain and body resilient. However, we still need some consistency in our lives in order to relax, and to allow our bodies to manage responses to stress. It does not have to be anything fancy; just making sure you eat around the same times per day will be enough for your body to start utilizing energy efficiently, resulting in a more productive and happier you.
    This is the same sort of idea for consistency as described above. Working remotely has the benefit of allowing you to create your own schedule, which is great if you’re planning a field trip for yourself, or you have to go to an appointment. The flexibility is unparalleled. Unless these things are a part of your day, however, strive to keep regular working hours.
    Designate one area in which you will perform your work tasks, and do not use this area for anything else, when possible. It’s gonna take a little self-discipline for you to use this area forĀ work only, but trust me: Your brain will thank me later when it has an easy time switching hats to your after-work hours.

These are the most important things I have discovered to help maintain balance while working from home. There are tons of life-hacks, of course, but I find that keeping it simple is simply better. If you feel I’ve missed anything, be sure to let me know, and I will include it!

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