A little Monday encouragement

Have you had a harrowing Monday? Let’s take a brain break together…


Relax. Use your nose to breathe in really nicely and full. Use your mouth to breathe out.

Do that a couple more times. It’s only going to take a few seconds, but it’ll really help. It’s ok to take a second to breathe. I’m officially giving you permission to take a couple seconds off of work.

Relax your shoulders. I never noticed until I became an adult, but when I get stressed, my shoulders really do start going nearer to my ears! It’s such a good feeling to just drop ’em.
Sometimes I like to squeeze ’em way up, and tighten tighten tighten, and then release them.

If you just thought about a naughty or sarcastic joke about that last sentence, that’s why we’re friends. And if you didn’t, I bet you are now!

Either way, cracking a little smile is good for you too.

I’m so glad you’ve taken this little blog visit with me. I’m so happy we are together for a few moments like this, just to relax.

Did you know that there is nobody in the world just like you? You are a wonderful, intrepid explorer of your life, and you are seeing and doing things that no one else could do. The world is so much better because you are in it. The rest of us would have so much less in our world without you. There’s no way we would ever know the things you know, or think all the things you think. No one could take your place.

I could try filling in for you so you could take the day off. But it might be hard for me. Especially if you happen to be an elephant trainer. I have no clue how to train elephants. Even if I did, there’s no way I could do it as well as you.

Thank you for taking care of the people around you in your life. Thank you for loving your family, and for being good to yourself as often as you can. Thank you for giving things to others. Thank you for growing from a little child into a person who can explore saying “yes” and saying “no.” Thank you for being a loving and protective parent. Thank you for finding good things to do with your hands. These are wonderful things, and it’s ok that we aren’t perfect at them. It’s the practicing them that counts.

Unless the thing you do with your hands is flying a commercial airplane. That’s the kind of thing that you should really master before you share with the world, k thanks.

See? Smiling is good.

Life is busy, but things are going to be ok. Whatever projects you’re working on, whatever choices you are making today, I hope you know that I am very very proud of you.

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