Are You Taking Music Lessons?

The #1 thing every music student needs to be successful:

Ready to know what it is? I’ll tell you.

The #1 thing every single student needs when beginning studies in an instrument is:

A plan for tracking lessons.

There are so many things that make this game-plan the true backbone of any musical studies.


Parents need to know they can trust their child’s music teacher.

There is so much trust parents place in music tutors. They are trusting that tutor to not only be a fine musician, but to also be proficient in setting goals and conveying information in a way that helps their child make the most of lesson time. Being a good musician does not automatically make someone a good music teacher. Parents trust music tutors to be able to stay on-task, focused, organized, and positive!

Students need to know exactly what they are supposed to be working on.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to succeed, but having no idea where to start. That’s why they are getting lessons from an experienced music teacher in the first place!


Students need an accurate idea of the progress they’re making.

Want to know the recipe for an anxious, stressed-out music student? Make them wait until the recital for them to know whether or not they have met their learning goals. After all, WE had to have the experience of being backstage before our turn to perform in a recital, not knowing what was going to happen, right? We “paid our dues,” so it’s only fitting we make the next generation do the same, isn’t that so?

Just because that is the way it was done in the past does NOT mean that’s the way we need to do things now.

Want to know the recipe for a confident music student who is ready to try his or her best, and view each performance as a learning opportunity? Approach music studies with the belief that EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN TO PLAY MUSIC. Skills that are not mastered yet are exactly that: Skills that haven’t been mastered yet. Showcase which skills students are naturally strong with. Track progress so students can see for themselves that they are improving in skills beyond their wildest dreams! Soon they will see that through their dedication and hard work, they are progressing with challenging goals which they never imagined they would be able to rock at!


Studying music MUST first and foremost be a positive experience.

Music is inspirational, cathartic, and deeply meaningful to all who study it. Music stimulates the intellect, soothes and refreshes the soul, and adds more beauty to life than could ever be had without it. That’s why we are all so attached to music! Studying music MUST be an experience that adds value and encouragement to a student’s life. It should be an experience that provides real, meaningful, and beautiful lessons about life and the world around us. Studying music should inspire students to be the best students they can be, the best artists they can be, and the best people they can be.

Here’s my solution to accomplish all of this.

I wanted a tool that allowed me to do all of this and more, each and every week, each time I might meet with a music student.  I have called it The Young Musician’s Practice Log, and it’s available on Amazon here.

This is a paperback book that features:
  • A year’s worth of weekly practice logs
  • Students can see their assignment and practice minutes tracker at the same time
  • A place for students to record their impressions of what they are working on
  • Space for teachers to write up to 4 main learning goals for each week
  • A section to track progress and encourage weekly improvement
  • A place for a note from the instructor each week to include positive reinforcement of how each student shines during that week’s lesson

You can probably imagine that this would help keep lessons on-track and positive for everyone involved.

Parents will always know exactly what their child’s music teacher spent lesson time on, and exactly what their student is supposed to practice that week.
Teachers can set weekly practice goals for each of their students, and write down exactly what they should be working on. Plus, they can include positive reinforcement for the new and emerging skills they want to see their students continue with going forward.
Students get to be heard too! There is a place for them to record how they felt while they practiced, and what they think of the work. Plus, they can see their progress as they master each task set by their teacher!

Have you got a copy already? Leave me a review!

This project is so close to my heart. I am passionate about creating amazing learning experiences for students, no matter their level or age. I’ve been working on this system for years, and I love talking with people about it! If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, you can find one here, and if you have gotten a copy, please please please let me know how it’s working for you or your music student, and how I can make this product more useful for a great music experience.

As Always,

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