Arthur Lee and the Locomotive Breakfast

Guess what: Being still, doing nothing but listening to music still counts as an adventure.
When was the last time you simply sat and enjoyed some music?
Let’s have a listening adventure today!

You can follow along with my never-ending playlist. Here’s how:
I will tell you which song I’m currently listening to so you can find it or purchase it, or look it up on sites like YouTube.
Then I’ll let you know what I’m listening for, and I’ll give you space to think about the same things in your own way.
Ready to try it out? Here we go!

Now playing: “7 and 7 Is” by Love.
This song was written by Arthur Lee, and was released in 1966.

Answer these prompts:

How do you feel when you listen to this song?

I feel completely amplified when I listen to this song. It feels like summertime. The percussion feels like the speed of a train, never letting up, never backing down. It feels like being plugged into an electrical outlet!

Did you notice any lyrics during your first few listens of this song?

When people talk about this song, they mostly refer to the ice cream cone being a dunce’s cap. This part didn’t stick out to me…what did was the part about having no eyes to cry with. Strange and cool. Anybody know the meaning behind this part?

What colors or visual images does this song conjure in your imagination?

Again for me, this song is very locomotive. The driving force kind of perpetuates itself. The beat bounces off the tracks like a bottle or a bone would bounce off the ground with the “oom-bip-bip, oom-bip-bip,” just in time to re-attach and carry on.

Do you like this song?

I kinda did! There really isn’t any place for this song to go per se, so it actually makes perfect sense that things end in a super-explosion! After we’ve all survived this mushroom-cloud, we can all walk away in slow motion to the sound of the following cool jam.

Which part of your life might have this song as a soundtrack?

For me, this song would be great accompaniment to beating eggs in a bowl for an omelette!


If you’d like to have your own listening adventure with this song, follow along the prompts and then tell me about your experience in the comments!

With L-o-v-e,


Source for adventurous listening:
Quintessence. 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die. New York, NY: Universe Publishing. 2015. Print.

(C) 2017

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