August 2018 Song Selection

Here’s a couple highlights from my playlist this month!

  1. “Kalimankou Denkou”
    by the Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir.

My take on it:
Before Howard Shore ever dreamed of composing for the elves of Middle Earth…..
Before Karl Jenkins explored the vocal realms of sound and emotion in his “Adiemus” album…

There was this choir. There was this sound.
Listen, and you’ll hear something eternal. It’s cathartic–it’s painful somehow, but it hurts so good. Hurts so real. It’s the sound of people reaching toward heaven, with sounds and harmonies that describe a place we can’t imagine, and yet somehow, we know exactly what it’s like. It’s the song of old lovers who have just met. It’s the sound of cycles, and nature, and of standing at the top of a mountain, gazing up into stars, feeling the breeze of an ocean a thousand miles away.
Here’s a clip, and I hope it transports you as much as it does me, every time.


2. “Northern Sky”
by Nick Drake

My take on it:

Ah well, this one’s easy. This is one of my favorite love songs for Enko.


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