Before the Parade Passes By: Wake Up!

Alright, I readily admit it: I had never watched the movie version of “Hello Dolly” until today. The Streisand version. And you know what?

It scared me to pieces.

Don’t laugh–I mean it! And really, ok look: The movie would be perfect if I were looking at it on the basis of Streisand’s performance alone, or of the costumes, or of the choreography. Also, how cool is it to watch a pre-Phantom Michael Crawford, performing schtick comedy, no less? Wonderful! Wonderful!
I’m just gonna say it.

The pig lady on the meat packer’s float. There. That bit is the stuff of nightmares.

I am not a vegetarian by any means, but seriously–the obvious misery of the little piglet on that float is devastating. I had to pause the movie right then and there. And watching the lady on the float just cackling about it, I thought in that moment that must be what Hell is like. What made it worse is exactly what makes the rest of the movie wonderful: the singing, dancing, and spectacle. The whole film world simply carries on, and edits out the sound.
The apathy. The indifference to suffering.

We’re all guilty of this, with animals, with people. With our environment.
Haven’t you ever said something mean to another human being that you regretted?
Don’t you find it a comfort at times, when you know that the orphans you see on television are in a far country, a world away?
What about when you hear about something bad happening to someone, and you figure that you don’t even need to be sad about it, because obviously “they brought it on themselves?” I mean, maybe it is the result of their own choices, but to not even think anything of it? Hellooooooooooooo Wake Up World!!!

I can’t be the only person who was ever upset by this. Dear readers who love animal rights, here are some pig rescues that you can donate your money to, or perhaps even your time by volunteering, if they need help.
Also, sometimes people feel a little frantic about making a difference. I get it–it’s a big world! Where do we begin? Here are some links to check things out and get some ideas for real actions we can take in our every day lives.

Look at all the sweet piggy faces:
Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Pigs and other animals as therapy animals. You can make a difference!:
Pet Partners

Give a shelter-bound pot-bellied pig a home:
California Potbellied Pig

Pope Francis’ words about taking care of the environment, each other, and all living things:
Laudato Si

Mr. Randy Hain has some ideas for those of you who may feel frustrated by indifference:
Article: Fighting Our Own Indifference

Finally, if you still don’t know what you can do, it’s actually a lot clearer than you might think:
Learn About Works of Mercy

In conclusion, this film is glorious, but I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, it is more important to me to learn about how something has changed my life. I know that this certainly prompted a self-examination of how I am expressing mercy in my life, and also which ways I might have let myself become desensitized.

Please feel welcome to leave links to any animal rescues you feel deserve a shout-out! Tell me about which organizations that help people and the environment that you love. Which do you give your time or resources to? Which Works of Mercy have you received in your life? What kind of mercy do you extend to the world around you?

Don’t waste time. Start now, before the opportunity to be merciful passes you. Before that parade of life passes you by.

Until next time,
With love,


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