Book Update!

Holy ravioli….this thing is actually turning into a 

bona fide book! After a few work hours per day for the past week, I am now several thousand words into my first book ever!!!!

This book details the things I encountered when I quit smoking cigarettes in March of 2016. I am detailing the challenges I faced, how I felt about them, and most importantly: I am writing about the super-fun strategy I developed that made my withdrawal symptoms actually work for me!

I am hoping, praying, wishing so very, very earnestly that this helps someone out there. If nothing else, I hope people who read it know that they aren’t alone, and that even with something as difficult as nicotine reliance, there is absolutely always hope.

Soon I will have my first working draft, and I’m so excited! More details to come!


The Ten Minute Quit is now available on Amazon! You can find the book here!

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