Buenos Aires, Day 1

I am documenting my adventures with Enko through Buenos Aires!

Barrio (neighborhood): Caballito (“Little horse”)

Month: June

Today’s weather: Last night it rained a lot, huge huge drops. Today, it’s sunny and cold. I see several people on the street in jackets and coats, which I might wear for much colder weather than this. Even so, I’ll be grateful to get back to the apartment for some rest by the heater!

I’m glad I brought my: jacket.

Spanish word of the day: cocina (koh-see-na), which means “kitchen.”

Surprising/Interesting Thing I Saw Today: Touristy places are not likely to see as many children on their way to/from school as I did today. I saw several children, most walking with an adult, likely on their way home from school. This particular school had a uniform. I know this seems so ordinary, but when you’re in a different country, you can’t really take things for granted. I thought it was neat that this meant I was in a neighborhood for Portenos, and not one for tourists.

Ladies Fashion on the Street Today: Puffy coats, some hats, few jeans but mostly trousers for both men and women. Leather boots are more common to see than tennis shoes. Knit hats and beanies. Scarves. One turtleneck (Enko says people don’t usually wear them, since they are often hard to find). Women’s hairstyles are mostly long. No noticeable jewelry except for earrings.

Close to me: Palermo. That’s gonna be full of tourists.

Flavor of the Day: Chicken milanesa, mmmmm. This is a dish with the same idea as schnitzel, though I do wonder the cultural origin. Does “milanesa” connect to “Milan?” Buenos Aires has a huge Italian population. Maybe this came from there.
Anyway, it’s delicious. Tenderized chicken cutlets are breaded in crumbs and fried in oil, both sides. This can be done in the oven as well.

Hours since I ate ham: approx. 17

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