Buenos Aires: From Page to Life!

6 things you can learn by reading about Buenos Aries from a travel guide like the one I have from Fodor’s!

1.  Porteños love to be outside!
I have never been to a city that had so much to offer for people to connect with nature. It is expected that everyone here gets at least some type of access to something green and growing, every day. It’s a must. I believe apartment dwellers keep adorable potted gardens on their balconies just as much for their neighbors as they do for themselves.

Enjoying a romantic afternoon with Enko at the Paseo del Rosedal, a formal rose garden near the Lagos de Palermo.

This rose garden was one of many gardens grouped in the same area of Palermo. We could have spent our entire three weeks here, enjoying the Japanese Gardens, or walking around the Lakes of Palermo. Perhaps we could spend the day enjoying an ice cream while walking to the Galileo Planetarium, which is situated among acres of lawn and fountains. This was just one area–5 minutes of travel on a bus can take you to another part of the city, that posts plazas and gardens of its own. To love Buenos Aries is to love interstellar travel, because everywhere you go, you realize there are worlds and worlds in this city, and each one will have a way to get you connected back to nature.

2. Go big or don’t go at all!
There are some things that you just kind of have to see when you’re in Buenos Aires, because you simply won’t get to see anything like them anywhere else!

El Ateneo is one such wonder….a bookstore boasting thousands of titles that has taken over an opera house: YES PLEASE!!


El Obelisco is another such pic-or-it-never-happened attraction that should be a must-see for every tourist!


El Obelisco provides a photo opportunity that preserves the location of your vacation as well as the special moments with loved ones you might share that vacation with.

3. Tango is completely amazing.
Especially when you realize that experienced dancers are usually completely improvising! Watching and listening to tango is something that is very in-the-moment. The mood of the dancers changes the way they lead and react to each other, and the music changes in time with them. This means that each performance will be different, and when it is finished, it is whisked away into the ether of passing time. It’s special. In this way, tango takes on a living, breathing, moving life of its own, with limitless possibilities for diversity and flavor.

No wonder colorful places like La Boca have been traditionally associated with the magnificent creature that is the tango.


It is easy to understand Argentina’s love for tradition, parodied here for tourists like me to get a grasp of in La Boca. Ah, tradition. And good music. And delicious cows. I like it here.

4. Just when you think the city can’t give you any more,
…it goes ahead and closes one of its more industrial ports, like the one here in Puerto Madero, so that it can be used as a promenade for yet another great evening of walking.

No longer in use for industry, and now an awe-inspiring view to look at. Big, industrial, important–all messages that are meant to communicate the importance of industry in this part of the city.


Believe it or not, these are not tourists! Sure, there were lots of tourists, but there were also tons of Porteños out for a walk with their families, some on roller blades, and some on a date. The breeze from the port is especially refreshing on a summer night.


I’m pretty sure my sunburn helped me glow in the dark.


A frigate! Referred to as el frigate. Seriously.

5. Buenos Aires does not venture into the world.
Instead, the world comes to Buenos Aires. That’s the catch of this city: you can find a little bit from all over the world here, but to understand the heartbeat of Buenos Aires, you have to go. You won’t find it commercialized anywhere else, and Porteños will touch your heart with the fidelity they feel for their beautiful city.

Where else in South America might you find art and history that could rival what you might have thought could only be found in Europe?


The Carlos Thays Botanical Gardens is an example of a way to see the world without ever leaving the city. 18 acres of gardens are separated into sections that recreate the flora and fauna found in different parts of the world. Walking through the North America section felt for a moment that I had been transported home!


In case you forget, maté is important, and is featured in the Botanical Gardens, no doubt as further education in its worldwide significance. And that would’ve sounded a lot more sarcastic if it wasn’t also the absolute truth.

6. Buenos Aires,
…you are magical. You are a place where old and new are neighbors. You sting with the hot breath of tango, and sooth with baroque sensibilities. You are cowboys around a campfire, dreaming of distant loves and breathing peacefully amidst uncertain darkness. You are the dreams of a nation to rise to the top of human intellect, while extending an open hand to those who wish to come along. You are a moonlit path that winds through skyscrapers, with the ability to produce a mountain of industry while saying “Come and walk with me.” You are a cosmos of different sights and sounds, and have made me feel like an interstellar traveler. You are romance. You are protected like a queen, and preserved as a jewel. And I’m in love with you.


As for the rest, my dears, that will have to be a different post. If you are thinking about visiting Buenos Aires, stop thinking about it and go. Go! See the treasures that await you!
And while you grow your appetite for the delicious experiences that are most certainly in your future, don’t forget that you can read about this magnificent city, and enjoy Buenos Aires in your heart, like I do!
Have another place in mind to visit? Why not start by reading a book about it? Just start with a good book, and see where it takes you!

Until next time,

Maggie O’the Valley

Source for adventurous reading:
Fodor’s Travel. Buenos Aires, with Side Trips to Iguazu Falls, Gaucho Country & Uruguay. 4th edition. New York, NY: Random House LLC. 2015. Print.

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