Catholic Journey: Coping with Scandal in the Church

Heartbroken. Angry. Outraged. Shocked.

That’s how so many of us feel about the recent published report about the East coast American Catholic dioceses.

Myself included.

I am one of those people who really support the Holy Father and his views about mercy and love. When I listen to Pope Francis, I think “Finally, the Church is getting back to the original message instead of acting like a country club,” and it fills me with joy and hope. I feel close to Jesus in the Church–something that us re-verts absolutely do not take for granted.

Then, out comes YET ANOTHER scandal in the church.

They all have the same element in common: priests.

How could this happen? Why does this happen? I am so outraged and angry! Oh I simply cannot find the words to express my disappointment and the sense of betrayal I feel about this.

Men are flawed, imperfect, sometimes dangerously so. But you know what? It is the duty of those in authority to protect the sheep from the wolves. Covering up information or denying that anything happened at all is even worse than a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. THOSE WHO COVER UP FOR THESE EVIL MEN ARE PROVIDING THEIR DISGUISES!

How dare you? How could you? Look me right in the eye and tell me how you could have let this happen. Please. You dare to do that to the laity? I dare you to look me in the eyes.

I’m done talking to you evil men, you deadbeat fathers. You leave my Mother Church alone. That’s right, you heard me: if you are so worthless to her, you need to leave. Get out. Go away. I don’t care where you go, but you leave us alone.

I now address my fellow laity:

Dear Neighbors, in the light of such outrage, in disappointment after disappointment, I can totally relate if your faith feels shaken today. I share the outrage. For those of us who so love our faith, I share the tears you have cried. I have cried them myself, and still do.

It’s really hard to make sense of how this could happen. I’m trying to do this, and I offer my thoughts to you now, in the hopes that they help a little bit:

Don’t you notice that the majority of these “predator priests” are a little on the older side? They are from an older generation. Now just think about that. That means they’re from the days when your community priest was basically the boss around the neighborhood. I shudder to think about the community politics, and how people must have felt around these guys. The fire-and-brimstone guys, you know? The ones who made you feel like they could absolutely dictate whether you went to Heaven or Hell. I have not found many from this generation of priests who were worth listening to. These a-holes were not only responsible for mass migration AWAY from the church, they manipulated ENTIRE COMMUNITIES. Imagine what guys like that could do to the minds of children. It’s no wonder there are so many victims.

My fear is that they are inspiring a new generation of wolves, and that’s why I’m so grateful for the publishing of these reports. We address this now. We talk about this now. This unholy mess ends. Now.

Now, you also have to remember that this past generation (which sadly extended well into even my lifetime) includes the priests who were a-ok with saying that the Eucharist was “just a symbol,” and that devotion to Mary was “outdated.”

I think this is the formula for the whole damn mess.

  • No widely-available Catechism for the laity to learn on their own
  • This means they are dependent on the priest for information about their salvation
  • Puts priest in too much authority, and the focus becomes on pleasing him and not Jesus
  • Jesus is thrown out of His own Church because his actual flesh is viewed as “just a symbol”
  • Jesus’ Mom is thrown out as well, which makes mistreating Jesus easier. Who would hurt someone in front of their mother?

Do we wonder why these evil COWARDS referred to the Eucharist as a symbol only? What priest would dare to do those evil things in the actual presence of the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ? Ladies and gentlemen, saying the Eucharist is only a symbol seems to be to have been an attempt by these evil men and all those who share those common flaws as a way to feel that they could do their evil deeds unseen from Jesus, and not be held accountable. Who could look Jesus in the eye and still be so evil?

This is why it’s so important that we trust in the Eucharist.

I am not Catholic because I trust the priesthood; my trust in the priesthood is absolutely shaken, as well it should be.
I am Catholic because I trust the Eucharist. That’s the ONE THING this Church has that you can find nowhere else, and it’s the one thing these forces of evil try attacking, every single time. There’s a reason for that. It’s because the Eucharist is REAL, folks.

Remember Jesus said Mary is a mother to us all. That’s why it’s so important that we remember her.
Worship her? No. Make no mistake–that’s just another lie concocted by enemies to pry open the gate for wolves to get in.
Don’t worship Mary. Remember her. Devote time to contemplating a Mother’s love. Keep her present too, to hold these priests accountable.

Forget having the priests look us in the eye. We must live and love our Church in such a way that when these men look at the laity, they look into His eyes. Let them see Jesus in our eyes. The good shepherds will follow the Good Shepherd. The wolves will run away with a whimper.

Click here to read about my action plan for those of us Catholics who are angry, and ready to clean up this ridiculous mess of evil.


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