Chick Update: A Miracle!

She’s got her eyes open!

For anyone else experiencing this problem with their chicks, I think it was a combination of actions and God that saved this sweet little peeper. Here’s what I did:

I got a cup of room-temperature water and dissolved one teaspoon of honey in it.
I dipped my fingers in the mixture and put two fingers on both sides of her beak, to encourage her to open it.
This mixture went in one drop at a time. I put her down when I saw she was getting distressed.
I continued to administer this mixture and to apply a warm wet washcloth to her eyes every two hours or so, depending on whether or not she was exhibiting signs of stress (Handling days-old baby chicks too often is not good, even if they’re healthy!).

We got one eye open. I think the teeny bit of honey in the water was enough to get her blood sugar back up enough for her body to start working.

As soon as she had an eye open, she was able to find her water and food, and partook in that order. Chicks consume a whole lot more water than they do food in the very beginning. I switched to every 3 hours.

By the end of 24 hours, she had both eyes open!!! I checked on her every 4 hours for a week.

Yes, you read that correctly: every 4 hours, I was making sure her eyes were clean and that she was eating, drinking, and not getting picked on by another chick, which fortunately did not happen.

I have nicknamed her Sweetie the Pirate, since she had one eye closed for so long. She must have gotten accustomed to being handled because now she pips right up on my lap every time I open the coop door.

Chickens and cats have basically the same personalities. Chicks, like kittens, can develop affection towards their caretakers. And also sometimes, they just want a snuggle.

What a relief.

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Sweetie The Pirate in the light of the heat lamp. She is an appreciative peeper, and I am RELIEVED! This was moments before she settled in for a little nap.

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