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I feel cranky today, so it’s the perfect time to write about reasons why you should never be all that offended, or sue me after reading my blog.

This blog is about books I have read. The books I read inspired me to take some action, or take some time to reflect on what I have learned, or how it has touched my life. Nobody pays me or chooses books for me, though I am open to suggestions.

The posts are written with the intention to share my experiences, beliefs, and opinions, which may or may not reflect the experiences, beliefs, and opinions of readers. If readers don’t like what I have to say, I am in full support of those readers making their own blogs. I perpetually reserve the right to think for myself.

These posts are not a substitute for advice from a professional in any field, medical or otherwise. I’m just a regular person, exploring the many things there are to be found within books–and that’s kind of the point of the blog. You could do the same thing–I won’t be mad. Actually, I hope you do get the feeling that these adventures are things you could think of all by yourself! That’s kind of the other point of the blog. If you don’t understand that by now, well that is very unfortunate, but it is also not my problem.

These posts contain details about what inspired me, or didn’t inspire me. The adventures I write about are not meant to be used with the intention of coaching anyone else.

Any similarities to another person’s experience with these or other books are very happy coincidences. Any religious or spiritual discoveries or reflections are listed because they were personally valuable to me, and are not mandatory to anyone else.

You are encouraged to read these books yourself, or to recommend books which I have not read. You are also encouraged to go out and find your own set of adventures in your own life. Your book adventures are just that: yours. Because of this, I am not responsible for your choices, or for the consequences of your adventures.

Because of the format of this disclaimer, it is just as accessible to you, the audience, as any other blog post would be, and so I will consider this information to be forthcoming, and delivered fairly on my part. I will modify these statements whenever, if ever, I see fit.

There. Crankypants over. I feel much better, don’t you?

See you in the comments!


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  • Shannon says:

    I absolutely love that you have a blog! I’m going to follow along. I’m always in the desperate need for a new read and I can’t think of anyone better than you to suggest the next adventure.

    • Margaret Nelson says:

      Thanks Shannon! XOXO! I hope you’ll come back and share any books that have inspired adventures in your life too!

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