Embroidery for the First Time

I am working towards my dreams of embroidery with the Embroidery Stitch Guide.

I know that it is possible to find pretty much any design you might want embroidered, already finished and absolutely perfect, in about 3 clicks of the mouse and one visit to Amazon. I know.

There is something so amazing about hand-embroidered-anything. Seriously, think about it: somebody MADE that! Someone had the idea in their mind to do it, plan it, and then carefully recreate it, stitch by stitch. To me, embroidery is up there with every other fine art that has ever been. I love it! And since I was feeling inspired, I thought I would find a book about it!

Results at my local craft store were quite sparse. Again, I get it–why take the time and trouble when everything is so darn accessible. I could have a finished sample of embroidery delivered to my door this afternoon, if I wanted. It made sense to me that there wasn’t a whole lot of literature for sale about embroidery. The questions I pose in response to that are:

Could it be that the act of creating things is actually where the value is?

Could it be that handmade items have a special quality that simply can’t be recreated in a factory?

Here’s how I got started:

Here is the book I found, plus some recommended items to get me started!

So from the top left: I have some embroidery thread, some fabric, a needle threader (YES you need one of these, trust me), a hoop, embroidery needles, and a needle box that has a magnet inside. I thought the magnet was smart. Then I have the book I found at my local craft store: Embroidery Stitch Guide by Linda Causee. I am enjoying this book because it has photo examples of what each stitch looks like, plus the standard illustrations of how to do them! To the side of my book is a thread organizer, since I figured I will most likely be collecting some different colors from here on out!

What do you think of my supplies? For those of you who do needlecrafts, are there any supplies you highly recommend I add here?

Until next time,

Maggie O’the Valley

Source for Adventurous Reading:
Causee, Linda. Embroidery Stitch Guide. Maumelle, AR: Leisure Arts, Inc. 2013. Print.

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