Some of my more frequently asked questions!

  1. Is the Library of Adventurous Books a Real Place?
    ANSWER: Yes! The LAB is a very real place, and it is constantly under construction because I’m doing tons of renovation and development right now.
  2. Where is the Library of Adventurous Books?
    ANSWER: I am really trying hard to find ways to avoid saying “it’s a secret!” The location of the LAB is not a secret. The location of the LAB is a mystery. I would just tell you, but being the bearer of the answer is way too delicious. Trust me, when you figure it out, it’s worth it.
  3. Do people pay you to write?
    ANSWER: No, as recent as September 2017, my posts are not sponsored. Yeah, it makes it a little harder to have book adventures when one does not have any money for gas for the car, but I never stop learning or growing. I love writing and talking with you all. It’s all good so far.
  4. Will you ever accept sponsors?
    ANSWER: I’m thinking about it, maybe one day. It’d have to be the right fit; meaning I would need to have a way to ensure that any sponsors would be companies and people who could really help my readers be connected with good reads and fabulous authors, or even be well-outfitted for adventures of their own. So long as it would contribute to the reading experience, and wouldn’t detract from my freedom to write what I really think about everything, I think inviting sponsors into the picture is a real possibility. Email me in 2018.
  5. What’s your favorite book?
    ANSWER: I dunno. *raises shoulders* Any recommendations?
  6. Do you have a real job?
    ANSWER: Dude, I have like 4. And I’m currently in grad school. I am so highly caffeinated that I probably died three years ago and exist solely on nervous spasms from the amount of coffee I’ve consumed in my lifetime. It’s awesome. *starts sobbing with love*
  7. You keep mentioning this Enko. Who is Enko?
    ANSWER: Enko is my amazing boyfriend. When I met Enko, I told him that one of my dreams was to be a writer one day, and to be able to use the books I read to inspire fun adventures in my life. Not only did he encourage my dream until I achieved my degree, he built this platform so that I could write my adventures down and share them with all of you. Lookie-loo at me now: I’m a writer. I held on to my dream, and I was lucky enough to have a partner who truly wants me to be happy. Pay attention, ladies, because that’s the kind of thing that only a real man can add to your life.
  8. Do you mostly review Catholic books?
    ANSWER: No. I had a great time reading tons of Catholic books while I was studying for the Sacrament of Confirmation, which I celebrated in Spring, 2017. You don’t actually have to study for it, but that’s my personality type, to be honest. I like to read Catholic books, and then to think about their real-world applications. I love my faith, and the Catholic faith is very loving. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that if it isn’t loving, it actually isn’t Catholic! This pops up into my life in a bunch of surprising and counter-intuitive ways. I will probably continue to read Catholic books, but my posts will not be limited to them.
  9. Does Enko know the real location of the LAB?
    ANSWER: I think so? I’m sure he does….though, now that I think about it, I’ve never actually asked him if he knows. I always kinda just figured that he did, you know? You ask him. Tell me what he says.
  10. Do you write books?
    ANSWER: Yes! Though, nothing completed that I would feel right about publishing. I write all the time, and I usually wind up discarding most of it. I’m growing and learning! I’m really looking forward to completing something and then publishing it as an ebook or physical book.


Thanks for these so far! Keep sending me your questions–if I get a few of the same, then that question will wind up here with the others!



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