GOFR: On Not Giving a Duck

Today’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Rant:

I promised myself that I would NEVER be… one of those bloggers who ever ever released an apology post. You know, the ones that are like “Wow, with the new baby/house/puppy/job my schedule has been swamped/the struggle is real/I haven’t worn real pants in ages…” basically to apologize for not posting something in a while. Look, can we quit it with these posts already? It’s cliché, it’s almost always insincere, and also: no one (NO ONE.) cares about the latest thing that happened to your breast milk. Seriously–take your time to post. That’s a super important thing for you to handle in your life. So go ahead and nurse the newest and most incredible human being you’ve met recently, paint your living room, move to a new town, start that new job, enjoy the honeymoon, or simply just take a break from writing until you get inspired again. Yes, even if it takes a year or two! Blogging is a great job: you don’t actually owe anyone anything when you write for yourself. It’s ok for us to wait for your next post, I promise.

No ducks to be found in this photo: Only happy pink piggies on their way to the market.

I am still not one of those apologetic bloggers. I have not posted in a while, and I know why, and you don’t need to know. I know you’re still reading (holla, Sacramento! And Australia, which is all kinds of interesting). As one of my readers, you are automatically a much smarter person than most people, and as such you will already have gotten the idea that if the book adventures here are somehow not measuring up to your expectations, you can go and have an adventure yourself. Don’t waste your time waiting for me if you’ve been suddenly moved to go explore! Go explore! Write and tell us about it! Or don’t!

It isn’t that I don’t care enough about you to say sorry or how I’ve missed you. I care. I hope that this blog will one day be full of people who are discovering great reads that are changing their lives in tangible ways, and are coming back to give their own opinions and recommendations on titles and other doodads that we can all share in a flurry of happy lifelong learning. I hope this blog sparks debates and even more importantly, ideas. 

So that being said, it totally isn’t that I don’t care: I don’t give a duck.
That’s more like it.

I don’t give a duck, and it’s because I care.
You buy that? Can I sell that one to ya? Ok I’ll explain:

I don’t give a duck, because this is my blog and is my place to write whatever I want. I am the benevolent dictator of the Library of Adventurous Books (which is a real library, in case you were wondering).

I don’t give a duck because if you don’t like something you read or something I say, or horror-of-horrors YOU HAVE BECOME OFFENDED, I can say “I don’t give a duck,” and you will hopefully get mad and go make your own blog!
You will hopefully get fired-up and go read your own books. Or even better, you’ll go WRITE some! You’ll go speak for yourself.


I am hoping that somewhere along the line, you will actually develop the skill to form cogent arguments that will have all kinds of beautiful flaws to explore and great ideas to think about. I am hoping that you will develop your intellect, your will, your endurance, and your self control.
There are so many people in the world who are smarter than me. You probably are, dear delicious reader. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say, and I am DARING you to say it in better and better ways. And then say it better. And then after that, say it better. I am hoping that you will develop your mind. We are slaves at the top and the bottom of the mountain: it is only by engaging in this climb that we are ever actually free.

So yeah, I don’t give a duck. And in all sincerity: you’re welcome. 🙂

Don’t forget to send me the link so that I can learn a thing or two. I triple-dog dare you, for goodness’ sake.



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