Introduction to THE TEN MINUTE QUIT

Welcome to The Ten Minute Quit. Here are some important things you need to know about this book.

After you have read the intro, why not take a little preview of the book?

What Is This Book About?

This book is a memoir of my experience when I quit smoking cigarettes. I am including insights of my experience. I am also including tips, advice, and directions for anyone who may want to try quitting cigarettes in the same way I did.


Where Does My Credibility Come From?

Let’s start by addressing who I actually AM:
I am a human person who was successful in my journey to quit smoking cigarettes. Actually, I don’t smoke anything at all (a necessary disclaimer since I come from California), I don’t vape; basically I don’t have anything to do with smoking or any type of smoking culture. The authority of my perspective is maintained by these personal views.


I am also a person who has done a lot of research about the ways people learn. At the time of writing this book, I am currently a candidate for a graduate degree in the field of Education. This means I have studied how humans learn things, and how to set up a learner for success. In this book, I have taken this perspective one step alongside my training by viewing myself as the learner, and thinking about how I could facilitate desired habits and behaviors in my own thoughts and actions.


I am also someone who (thankfully) has not been living under a rock. This means I have a lot of natural working knowledge which I would consider as “common knowledge.” This common knowledge is something I use a lot in my critical thinking, and has helped develop several strategies in this book, aside from my own personal experience. I include this so you’ll know that any similarities to anyone else’s strategy is purely coincidence, and likely stems from the same line of thinking around common knowledge.


To sum this up: I am an intelligent human person who is skilled at educational strategies, and used these skills to gain the experience of successfully quitting smoking cigarettes.


Now for who I am NOT:

I am not a medical doctor. I am not a medical anything. Any of my tips and/or advice are to be used at your own risk, and are never intended to replace the qualified opinion of a medical professional. This includes professionals in the field of medicine, psychiatry, and natural or developed wellness professions.

Man. I always feel cranky when I write disclaimers. You’ve got the idea though, right? This is my book about my experience, and it’s not going to replace a visit to the doctor’s office, Ok? So, do try this at home…if you want to, and at your own risk.
Can we get to the happy, fun, quit stuff now?
Great! Ready-Set-Go!!!!  

You can read a preview of the book here.

If you’re ready to go ahead and read the whole book, you can find it here!

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