Love Song for Buenos Aires

Remember travel guides? Turns out, they’re still pretty darn useful! I took one with me on a recent trip to Buenos Aires. Here’s what happened:
This particular adventure is a little different because I had the adventure itself scheduled before acquiring this book. The book I am referring to is Fodor’s travel guide to the absolutely beautiful city of Buenos Aires!

Many of you already know that my boyfriend an I are currently rock stars in the realm of Long Distance Relationships. He is in Buenos Aires and I am in California. The distance teaches us so many wonderful things about life and love–lessons that we both believe are going to keep us in happy, authentic love our whole lives long. When we finally got the chance to spend some well-earned vacation time together, we couldn’t think of a better place to go than his own backyard….which happened to be one of the cultural capitols of the world!

Enter the tour guide. Fodor’s has put together a quite excellent guide to visiting Buenos Aires. There are suggestions for places to visit, plus little bits of history for lots of the spots! I had a great time learning about the different neighborhoods in the city.

Splendor of former (and formal) days gone by bumps right up against all things modern in this beautiful city.

Another thing Fodor’s has done a wonderful job with is providing some important cultural insights that tourists from the United States need to know. For example:

When they ask where you’re from, don’t tell them you are American. think about it–you are from North America, and they are from South America. They will feel they are just as “American” as you are! It is better, and more polite, to say you are from the United States. And if you happen to be from California, please happily accept questions about Hollywood and Disneyland with a smile and a good attitude! And remember, of course, that you are in one of the world’s finest cities. There is more to see and learn than any one person can do in a short amount of time–don’t be afraid to look or feel a little silly if it helps you learn important things about the culture from the locals! (For me, that definitely included not being shy to show my guidebook.)

Another thing to note: sidewalk construction is not standardized, which can result in wobbly tiles, as they are replaced often! It took me the better part of a week to walk down the street without falling over!

Buenos Aires is one of those cities that I feel everyone should go and see at least once. I landed in the city a complete stranger, but thanks to the beautiful people, and the sights, sounds, and experiences of all the city has to offer, by the time I left I could tell that a bit of my heart would always remain there. It’s kind of a miraculous thing: you kind of start to feel a connection with everyone else in the city, especially in high summer when the heat and humidity make weary pilgrims of the rich as much as the poor. Weaving in and out of buses and buildings, listening to the bustle of the city, and finding surprises around most every corner in the sweet, warm, golden tones of Rioplatense, it’s hard not to feel as though there are parts of me that are strictly for the romance of the city itself. Maggie de Palermo? Ah, worth a try, haha!

Summertime in Buenos Aires! Oh how I loved every minute of it! I can’t wait for my next trip!

Have you visited Buenos Aires, or do you plan to? Oh tell me about it, and let’s relive every moment spent in this beautiful city together!

Con besos, and with lots of dreams of medialunas,

Maggie O’the Valley

Source for Adventurous Reading:
Fodor’s Travel. Buenos Aires, with Side Trips to Iguazu Falls, Gaucho Country & Uruguay. 4th edition. New York, NY: Random House LLC. 2015. Print.

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