March 2017 Pie Pairing

from the L.A.B…..

Hello hungry Reader!

How are you with homemade pie crusts? Because I can never seem to get them right.

They can be too thin on the bottom, so they don’t hold any filling up at all,
Or sometimes they can be way too thick for filling.

Not to mention there’s the whole try-spreading-it-evenly-over-a-three-dimensional-dish thing that ELUDES ME! It eludes me, I tell you!!!

No one ever said pie would be hard. I think maybe because it’s currently only hard for ME. (Bah humbug, mutter, mutter.)

This is a picture of my most successful pie to date: a breakfast crostata. Oh yeah, that’s right: I couldn’t handle the pie plate, so I said fuggettaboutit, and left the darn thing out! Paired with cup of Americanized Earl Gray tea, the results were divine.

But I won’t be defeated. Oh-ho no, no, I will master the pie one day, thankyouverymuch.

I just need a good book.

I have chosen a very promising (and delicious-looking) book by chef Kate McDermott called: Art of the Pie.
Seriously, could there be a more promising title? Any fellow adventurers who want to join me in seeking pie perfection can find out more about this book here!

If next month’s pie pairing comes out half as good-looking as the recipes sound, I believe I will be one happy camper.
I might even use a pie plate.

No matter where you are in your life, never be afraid to be bad at something for a while! We all start somewhere. Keep believing in yourself, and keep remembering that there is a wealth of adventure just waiting for you, and it all starts with pages from a good book!
Start with a good book, and just see where it can take you!


Source for Adventurous Reading:
McDermott, Kate. Art of the Pie: A Practical Guide to Homemade Crusts, Fillings, and Life. New York, NY: The Countryman Press. 2016. Print.




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  • Anne Glenn says:

    Do you use a rolling pin to unravel the pie crust over the pie?

    • Margaret Nelson says:

      I sure did! But I still have a problem fitting the crust evenly into the plate. It was tearing, and getting thin in random places. You make quite a few pies throughout the year, right? Wanna be my Pie-Miyagi? 😀
      Thanks for stopping by to comment!!

  • Enko says:

    That crostata looks to much delicious. I think it even deserves a morning for it, like a Monday Crostata Morning! To start the week with yumminess and delicousness

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