MotV Writing On Location: Buenos Aires

So how’s this for the best job ever:

Enko and I are currently sitting in a beautiful, quiet  apartment in Buenos Aires. As a software developer, his work is often remote, which means he gets to be home during his work hours. As for me, my work situation is a teeny bit more complicated. I have several jobs since I am working my way through grad school, which takes the majority of my time.

Several different jobs means I wear several different hats. Today, my hat says “Writer.”

I am currently developing a book documenting my journey to becoming a non-smoker. I hope that the final result will be inspiring and relatable, and that it will encourage others who feel like they are ready to take that leap. I have been totally in love with this project for at least a year, and I can’t even tell you how good it feels to be taking a month off of school to really pursue it in earnest! This project has already blessed my life over and over, and I hope that it will help at least one other person to feel understood and encouraged when they quit.

And of course, I look around and see that I’ve gotten to do this work while also getting to zip a little around Buenos Aires. Not a bad day at the office, I tell you…

I hope you’ll join me as I document the highs and lows of my time spent writing here.

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