My First Embroidery Project

I couldn’t help looking ahead, and picking a super fancy stitch from the Embroidery Stitch Guide.

So, normally I would work through a DIY book by starting at the beginning, and learning each stitch until I got to the very end.

This time, my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I fast-forwarded myself, thinking I really have nothing to lose, and am beginning with the Cadillac of embroidery stitches: The Satin Stitch. Linda Causee has some nice, neat examples of how this is supposed to look in her book, Embroidery Stitch Guide.

Here is my project so far!

I chose the symbol for Auspice Maria, which is worth a look-see on your favorite search engine, if you’re curious!


Image transferred, and I have plotted out my fabric into a wooden hoop! First-time users should know that I had to take a moment to straighten out the fabric at the top when I was closing my hoop.

As best as I could gather, the satin stitch is wonderful for very small areas at a time. Even though my design has a lot of small sections, I still feel that the stitches would be better in even smaller areas. To do this, I thought about how it might work if it were in cursive, or made from ribbon, and I adjusted my sections accordingly. I marked them with a very fine tip permanent marker–the thread will cover it up anyway, so I figured I might as well mark where I like.

After that, it was time to start satin stitching!

Here I have two small sections done, plus one section outlined. You can kind of see how this is going to work out. I decided to work from the middle of my project outward.

My lifestyle is such that I do best with projects that I can work on a few minutes at a time. Embroidery is really wonderful for that! I am going to keep this project as a part of my day, and I will post a completed photo once it is finished!

Have you taken on your first embroidery project yet? If you have, be sure to comment about what you have learned, so that others can learn from your experience too!

Until next time,

Maggie O’the Valley

Source for adventurous reading:
Causee, Linda. Embroidery Stitch Guide. Maumelle, AR: Leisure Arts, Inc. 2013. Print.

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