My First Embroidery Project is Complete!!

Completing my first project with stitches I learned in my copy of Embroidery Stitch Guide! 

I finished it! I totally forgot to log how many hours this project took, but I’m fairly certain it was less than 4. Turns out satin stitch is not only beautiful, it is really easy once you get your lines all figured out.

Completed symbol of Auspice Maria, in emerald green, with a satin stitch. I also “finished” the edges by sewing little stitches on top of each other. If I were to add anything else to this, I think it would be some pearl beads, or something to continue a “Queenly” look. What do you think?

Usually projects like this are done in Marian Blue, but I didn’t find this symbol until after I had already purchased the embroidery thread. I chose this emerald green because I thought it was pretty, and that is the extent of my thought process on it, haha!

With a little more practice in making nice, clean lines to follow, I feel very excited about adding more embellishments and personalized decoration to my tshirts, pillowcases, and more.

Did you give an embroidery project a try as well? If you did, or if you are an experienced needlecraftsperson (what a great word), please leave your experiences and tips in the comments section!

Until next time,

Maggie O’the Valley

Source for Adventurous Reading:
Causee, Linda. Embroidery Stitch Guide. Maumelle, AR: Leisure Arts, Inc. 2013. Print.

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Got any suggestions of titles that should be in the L.A.B.? Be sure and tell us in the comments, so other adventurers can get started too!

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