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I’m so excited to share this past week’s adventure with you all! This week, I got to go see celebrity chef Alton Brown live in his show called “Eat Your Science!”

It was a great evening of laughing and learning, and I really felt like Brown was really present, really interested in connecting with the audience. When you live in a truly tiny town like I do, having this kind of celebrity attention is a very big deal!

What I appreciated the most is the way Brown talks about his culinary adventures in science. I left feeling inspired to go try some cooking myself! One of the best things about that night was how he encouraged everyone to learn about science–to learn about chemistry and what makes the world work the way it does. There’s lots of fun stuff to figure out!

If his show happens to roll through your town, I definitely recommend going to see it.
If you’d like to learn more about Alton Brown, you can visit his website !

Of course, as you can see, this particular adventure did, in fact, begin with a real, live, book!

Dad and I, ready for the show!
*Aspiring book adventurers should note that accessories are encouraged, but totally optional.

Rather not wait for the next book adventure? Why not go have one of your very own? From a thrilling romance to a refrigerator manual, there’s an adventure to be found in any book. Start with one that appeals to you, and see where it takes you!


Source for Adventurous Reading:
Brown, Alton. Good Eats 3: The Later Years. New York, NY: Abrams. 2011. Print.



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