Still Life With Chickens

Baby Chicks!

Today’s book recommendation is Still Life With Chickens: Starting Over in a Cottage by the Sea by Catherine Goldhammer.

It chronicles a year in the author’s life, struggling with the pain of new separation from her spouse and coming to grips with the transition of her daughter into the Teenage Years. Many moments were laugh-out-loud. You can buy the book here.

I am secretly jealous of her cottage by the sea. I think a little house on a hill by the sea is basically my dream house. With a garden and chickens, of course! Enko and I had better start writing those letters to Santa…

In the meantime, I am thrilled to pieces because there are NEW BABY CHICKS AT MY HOUSE!!!!

Look at this cuteness:

(C) 2018

Look at this adorable little sweet peeper. Maybe almost a week old? This is an Isa Brown chick, and the one in back is a Barred Rock chick, which is a breed I have never raised before.

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