The Hives Hate Health Hazards

This selection from 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die is sure to get your energy up!

Now playing: “Hate to Say I Told You So” from The Hives.
This song was written by Randy Fitzsimmons, and was released in 2000.
Want to take a minute or two and listen to some music with me?

Answer these prompts:

How do you feel when you listen to this song?

I think I feel like most people would, if they were watching this at a concert: MOSH!!!!!!
And then, of course, I remember that I’m me, and that I am probably the last person who would be in a mosh pit. They really are hazardous to your health, guys! Does it still count if I just jump around recklessly through my house by myself? While listening to the song, of course.

Did you notice any lyrics during your first few listens of this song?

Lots of things are happening for the Hives because basically they “wanna.” I actually thought the lyrics are pretty funny! The reason I thought they were funny is because they have all the “do-what-I-want” rule-breaking principles of punk, but there they are with a “sound device and lots of ice” because they are a huge band with a huge label, whose members all earn huge salaries. If this is an intentional prod at the music industry, then I think it’s clever! If it isn’t……it probably is now.

What colors or visual images does this song conjure in your imagination?

I like visualizing several spotlights going back and forth over huge dancing crowds while listening to this song. Fun vibe!

Do you like this song?

I like this song because of the high energy!

Which part of your life might have this song as a soundtrack?

Basically jumping around my house recklessly. That is probably going to happen sooner, rather than later.

My poor dog is not going to have any idea what is going on with me.
Have a super mosh-free day (unless you live life on the edge like that),

Source for adventurous listening:
Quintessence. 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die. New York, NY: Universe Publishing. 2015. Print.

(C) 2017

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