Watching Movies: Audience Template

Print a copy and follow along, or copy/paste your own critique into the comments!

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The True

Are there elements of truth found within this film? What are they, and what makes them true, according to you? Or, are there elements in this film that are representing things that are false? What are they, and why are they false?

The Good

Is this film good? Are there elements of goodness within this film? This could be interpreted to mean good things about the human condition, good things in the world, or general goodness. What elements did you find, and why do you think they are good?

The Beautiful

Is there anything beautiful within this film? What elements of beauty did you see, and what about them is beautiful? Conversely, are there things within this film that are ugly? What elements of ugliness did you see? What makes them ugly?

Putting it All Together

After taking a look at elements of the film, step out to a bigger picture. In general, is this film a quality watching experience, based on the evidence you have found? Is it lacking in deeper elements, or is it simply just “good” entertainment? What do you think on the whole?


There we have it! Here is the template I am going to use to apply to films that I explore. I hope you’ll follow along with me, or at least think about these things the next time someone asks you to shell out $15 for a theater ticket.


Source for adventurous reading:
Quintessence. 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. New York, NY: Universe Publishing. 2016. Print.

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