August Composer of the Month: Copland

Aaron Copland was a modern composer. His music is very famous for sounding “American.” Some of my favorites on this playlist include selections from “Appalachian Spring,” which is a pastoral suite about the land and culture in the mountains from New York State to Alabama and Georgia.

Besides telling musical stories about American places, Copland wrote music to tell stories about American people. I have also included his suite all about Henry McCarty, aka “Billy the Kid.” If you listen closely, you can see sunrise over the prairie, Old West scenes from Billy’s life, his trial and sentencing, and sunshine in the prairie all over again in a continuing circle of life in rough lands.

Here’s the playlist!


Mrs. Yakhnenko’s favorite: “Appalachian Spring Suite VII: Doppio Movimento, ‘Variations on a Shaker Melody.’ “

Happy Listening!


Mrs. Yakhenko

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