Classroom Rules

During the first week of school, we will collaborate as a class to generate a list of our classroom rules.

Guiding Principles

I will be providing parameters for these rules based on these principles:

  1. The teacher has the right to teach.
    We will discuss what good teachers look/sound like, equitable instruction, and what behaviors might get in the way of a teacher’s right to teach.
  2. The students have a right to learn.
    We will discuss what good students look/sound like, building a growth mindset, and what behaviors might get in the way of a student’s right to learn.
  3. Everyone in the classroom should feel safe, included, and respected.
    The classroom should be exciting and inspirational, as well as a source of safety both emotionally and psychologically.

Getting your child ready to talk about it:

We are going to come together as a classroom community. We each have different talents, as well as different learning needs. I’ve found that a great conversation starter in the classroom is this photo depicting equitable instruction:

Equity vs. Equality | Master Teaching
If a good teacher wants all her students to “see the game,” which side has the best approach? What might that look like from a student’s point of view?

After we have discussed our class rules together, I will post them in several places:
-On display in the classroom
-In a Newsletter
-On this blog

Questions and Discussion

With any questions, concerns, or comments regarding classroom rules, please email me at my school email address. I’ll be happy to discuss these with you!

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