June 2019: At a Glance

Howdy, Friends and Readers!

It’s a really peaceful day for me, and somehow I am magically on top of chores (How’d that even happen?) so I thought I’d write an update on what kinds of stuff is swimmin’ around in my world currently.


First of all, I am becoming more and more antsy to get going on my student teaching this autumn. At this point, I’ve completed all my coursework for my master’s degree, all my coursework for my credential, and almost all my coursework for my emphasis in classroom technology. Just a course or two more, plus student teaching, and I’ll have completed my Masters in Education and be the proud owner of a shiny new preliminary teaching credential!! As excited as I am for the completion of this program (and I’m sure you can tell I’m excited), I’m even more excited to get into the classroom and start honing my skills in helping students. I knew teaching was important work going into it–now that I have gotten through my program and done countless hours of substitute teaching and observations in classrooms, I’m more convinced than ever of the difference a teacher can make to young scholars. So many students need an adult in their lives who cares, who believes in them, and who respects them enough to expect and foster the goodness and innovation within them. Some kids need that one teacher who can just listen. I can’t wait to give that to students.

Wedding Status: Loading……..

Those wedding bells are still a-chimin’! A few days after writing this post, Eugene and I will be celebrating a whole year of being engaged. We have grown so much as a couple! From spending time in California together to spending time in Argentina together, sweating, researching, and praying through this visa process, and hard work during and after the premarital retreat hosted by my church, to getting to know each other’s origin families, a road trip or two, and great fun running around and getting into mischief–it’s been a full year. Isn’t it amazing how these changes in our lives shape and mold us? I’m so happy, grateful, and proud of Eugene, and of my own work– and what Eugene and I are doing together.

Book Sales!

This blog is many things for me, one of which is to provide a platform for talking about the book I wrote, The Ten Minute Quit.

I’ve had six new readers this month so far, with some awesome feedback, and I’m so excited to share! The response for this book was so unexpected to me–I mean, I hoped it’d help bring some positivity and hope to folks who need it during their nicotine recovery, as I did. Something else happened, though. I find that many of the people reading this book aren’t even cigarette smokers! Isn’t that bananas? They are telling me that this book has been giving them real skills to help them quit bad habits like self-doubt, unhealthy eating patterns, negativity, or even as an infusion of inspiration for the things they are already passionately working on like getting through college or being a more organized and positive parent. Neat, right? It’s an honor to be helpful. I can’t think about it too much without becoming sentimental. If you’re a reader, just know that I love you, and I thank you, and I’m humbled, truly.

Pins, Pasta, Pumpkin Spice….and Homicidal Robots! In Space! THE SEQUEL!

I’ve always got other odds and ends going around in my mind, too, such as:

  • How cute are those “Gibson Girl” hairstyles?! I’ve been growing out my hair for the wedding, and I think they’ll be the perfect thing to keep the darn stuff out of my face (and out of my coffee, out of Eugene’s coffee, and literally everywhere else I turn). I’ve been watching tutorials on Youtube, and I keep on watchin’ them without actually trying it, like I’m getting hypnotized by the poofs or something! C’mon, Nelson, grab some bobby pins and get practicing, already!
  • In other news, there is nothing–I repeat, nothing–more lovely and delicious than homemade pasta. I made some ravioli the other day, and it was mind-blowing, no joke. Recipe coming in future days.
  • Also, it’s June, and I’m already starting to get excited about Halloween. Does this happen to anyone else? I want apples and pork and candles and spoopy movies, and falling leaves, and good books, and full moons. I’ve been working on a “spookified” Halloween apple pie recipe, and yes, this recipe is imminent as well, so stay tuned once you start smelling that pumpkin spice in the air.
  • Finally got around to watching 2001: Space Odyssey with Eugene, as well as the sequel. I’m just going to have to read the books, because I have questions, people!!!
    Mainly: Why on Earth (see what I did there?) would this so-called superior race tell human beings NOT to go to Europa? If they truly knew human beings, having been present at all significant developmental periods of our evolution, wouldn’t they know that telling a human NOT to do something is actually exactly like begging them TO do it?!?!?! See what I mean? Something’s fishy about the whole thing.

If you’ve stayed with me so far in this post, you certainly deserve a high-five.

It’s the end of my update! Thanks for stopping by and having a peek at things as they are in my world today. If no one has told you yet today: you’re awesome! You are important! I love you and believe in you! And wherever your day takes you from this point onward, I hope you have a great one.



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