March: Thank you Readers!

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Howdy neighbors!

I’ve gotten a few new readers this month, and I wanted to create a post as a kind of welcome.

Now that you’re here, I wanted to thank you personally for buying my book. It was a joy to discover the materials I wrote about, and an absolute honor to write from start to finish.

It’s my very first book ever! Eugene and I laugh because I had to write, edit, preview, and format it all myself. He and I designed the cover together, and he actually generated it for me because he’s awesome. Anyway, it was definitely a DIY endeavor. We still joke about the fact that we couldn’t hire someone to format this for me–we laugh about how I literally couldn’t even afford page numbers, HA!

It was challenging, but it was so worth it. Know why? Because of you. I told my best friend during the time of the final edits that all the effort would be worth it if the book helps just one person let go of unhealthy feelings of guilt or shame.

It’s worth it if one person can actually imagine a life of freedom for the very first time.

It’s worth it if just one person starts to hope for the future.

It’s worth it if just one person has the thought of: “I think I can actually do this!”

If just one person looks around and sees that life is worth living…

If just one person starts to get the idea that they are worth loving..

Then it’s worth it. It’s all been worth it, and will always be. And the best part is, whatever benefits you might gain from exploring my book belong to you, 100%. I’m just a friendly voice of encouragement to walk with you through this transition, so that you know without a doubt that you aren’t alone.

So thank you. Thanks for letting me walk with you. Thanks for reading my story, and trying some of these things out yourself. Thanks for your feedback–it makes me a better writer every day. And thanks for following along with me. It makes me a better human every day.



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