My Child Is Sick: Tips for Students Missing Class

Being sick is no fun–and being sick during a pandemic can be worrisome. The last thing you or your child needs is to fear falling behind in schoolwork! This post is to help reassure and support you as you keep your child healthy and safe.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to stay home if he/she is sick!

If your Child is Nervous About Falling Behind

Here’s a letter from Yours Truly to help them know that I think rest is best when you are sick:

Dear Super-Awesome Student,

I’m so sad you can’t be with us today in class. I’m leaving this little note here so that you’ll know I will be praying for you and thinking happy thoughts about you until you are well and can come back to us.

I know you don’t want to get behind in school. Don’t worry, just get better! I have some stuff you can work on at home, if you are well enough to make that choice. We will work together to make sure you are caught up–I’m on your side, and everything is going to be alright!

Stay safe, think good thoughts, and get well soon!

Mrs. Yakhnenko

Sick Day Checklist: Focusing on What We Can Do

Here is a general checklist of what your child can do if he/she is missing school due to illness:

  • FIRST: follow school guidelines for letting them know your child will be absent. You must contact the office, and they will let me know. Do not send me a text, email, or call–the office has to take care of attendance!
  • Check homework postings. To see what we’re working on, visit the page for the current month. I’ll be keeping a log of homework assignments and things to work on there, so that your child can stay caught up.
  • Make arrangements for picking up or dropping off homework assignments, as needed. Some assignments can be submitted through Google Classroom.
  • Check out the enrichment page for ideas and inspiration that your child can browse. These projects are not formally assigned or graded, but they will provide extra challenges and fun.
  • Need extra help or tutoring? Or perhaps your child wants to get ahead and study for the spelling test? Check out our classroom podcast for tons of good stuff–perfect for students who need to rest but aren’t ready to give up getting ahead. They could even listen to the podcast and study with their eyes closed!
  • Gonna be out for a while? Send me an email and I would love to write your child a letter or send a handwritten Get Well Soon card just for him or her.
  • Please refer to school handbooks and follow protocol for students who will miss more than a couple of days of school.

Support and In Closing

Studies show that missing school has consequences for learning and progress. Taking time to learn at home (when possible) can help minimize those consequences–and get your child caught up again in no time!

My hope is that these resources help you feel supported as you keep your child healthy and safe. I am, as always, here to help your child succeed and make the most of the phenomenal opportunity of attending St. Stanislaus School!

All the best,

Margaret Yakhnenko

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